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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85KK Battery Replacement

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85KK Battery Replacement


  • Chemistry: Li-Ion
  • Voltage: 7.2V / 7.4V
  • Capacity (mAh): 770 mAh / 0.77 Ah

    It is common practice for non-OEM manufacturers to print a higher capacity on the label of their batteries. This is why some websites advertise much higher capacities. We list the REAL cell capacity of our battery, not the label capacity.

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 42.00 x 37.00 x 14.00 mm
  • Manufacturer: Better Batt


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GX85 Battery

Although this battery is a lower MHa rating than the original Panasonic, it gets 1 hour continuous recording in 4K. Very happy for the price :-)

Glen (Posted on 15 January 2018)

Product Satisfaction

Great + value

I carry a pocket full of these batteries bushwalking in remote SW Tasmania as there are no chargers about. These are up to the same quality as my other BetterBatt(eries) for my professional Canon cameras.

Roger (Posted on 16 June 2016)

Product Satisfaction


Needed a second battery for my new camera - Manufacturers price $119.00 - equivalent from Better Batt $28.50 delivered! As far as I can tell there is no difference in performance. This is the third or fourth battery I have purchased for different cameras from Better Batt - delivery is always prompt (a couple of days), the savings are always substantial and the performance has always been indistinguishable from the original. Not much else you could ask for really.

Chris Manners (Posted on 9 March 2014)

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